Recruitment FAQ

  • What is a Recruitment Guide (rho gamma)?


    At the beginning of the recruitment process, you will be assigned a rho gamma, or a Recruitment Guide. A rho gamma is a member of one of the 4 sororities on campus, but for the duration of recruitment she has promised not to reveal her sorority affiliation in order to give you unbiased counsel as well as to reduce the pressure on you to join her chapter. We realize that it is tempting to know what your rho gamma's affiliation is, but please do not try to find this information out. If you know your rho gamma's affiliation, do not tell others. Her affiliation will be revealed at the end of recruitment. Your rho gamma has sworn to keep all information you tell her confidential, and you should feel free to ask her any questions you have and to tell her how you are feeling. She is available to you at all times and is a valuable resource, but most essentially she is a listener.


    What should I talk about during recruitment parties?


    It is important to be yourself during recruitment and to allow the conversation to develop naturally. Just as you are presenting yourself to sororities, sororities are also presenting themselves to you. Therefore, it is important to ask questions that allow you to make comparisons and decisions. As you go from one round to the next, the conversations will become more involved.


    What should I expect my recruitment days to be like?


    Recruitment can definitely be tiring both physically and emotionally with all of the "rushing" around. However, it is up to you to decide how positive a recruitment experience you will have. A good attitude is essential to enjoying this opportunity to meet so many new people. Though small talk may become tedious and repetitive, every chapter is a new chapter and should be given an equal opportunity to get to know you and for you to come to know them.


    How do the sororities decide whom to invite back for each party?


    As your schedule of parties is reduced from round to round, the number of women each sorority is allowed to invite back is also reduced. Every woman who participates in recruitment has something to offer a sorority, but sororities are just not able to keep everyone they would like to. Just as sororities must make the decision regarding who they invite back, you must also make the decision of which sororities you are interested in visiting again.


    What if I am shy?


    Some of the sisters in each chapter are as nervous to talk with you as you are to talk with them. Every member of a sorority contributes her individual talents to the sisterhood and chapters want members with a variety of personalities. There is no reason to feel insecure when speaking with sisters; sororities want to impress you as much as you want to impress them!


    I am a legacy to a sorority—is there anything special I should know?


    You should indicate your legacy status when registering for recruitment. Please be sure to indicate what relationship you have with the member (mother, sister, etec.) and where they went to school. Every potential new member is considered an individual and legacies should not feel obliged to join a particular sorority on the sole basis of a family connection.


    I have heard that some sororities have different reputations—how should I handle this information?


    The only opinion of each chapter that should affect your decision is yours. Chapters vary from campus to campus and from year to year depending on the membership. If you allow someone else's perceptions to influence you, you may not be satisfied with your choice in a sorority. Each chapter is made up of over 70 women who possess a range of personalities, talents and qualities. If you hear any derogatory remarks about a particular chapter or the sisters in the group, we ask that you please disregard those comments. If you have any questions regarding rumors or inappropriate comments, please direct them to your rho gamma or a Panhellenic Exec officer.


    If I go through recruitment, am I obligated to join?


    No, many women choose to go through recruitment to meet new people and make friends. Recruitment is the opportunity for you to visit all 4 sororities, get a glimpse of Greek life at CSUSB, and assess whether or not you would like to be a part of the CSUSB Greek community.