Meet the Rho Gammas

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  • Rho Gammas are recruitment counselors that assist with Formal Recruitment. They lead potential new members through their recruitment process, and are always available for advice. What makes Rho Gamma's so special is that they give up their letters to help potential new members find theirs. 


    Fun Facts about our Rho Gammas: 


    Karina Escamilla - Karina used to be Girl Scout


    Kelsie Gonzales - Kelsie is learning sign language


    Marielena Lozano - Marielena likes horse back riding


    Diana Meza - Diana has a horse


    Kayah Haynes - Kayah likes to have fun


    Valerie Trujillo - Valerie loves penguins and clothes


    Andrea Serrano - Andrea is in love with the beach



  • Brittany Gomez - Brittany has a Disney pass


    Ashley Logan - Ashley has seen Taylor Swift 8 times


    Lea Villesca - Lea's nickname is "Lea Tortilla"


    Belle Villegas - Belle loves hot cheetos


    Molly Thompson - Molly likes Rezz and Halloween


    Brittany Benavidez - Brittany loves pasta


    Jennifer Schmidt - Jennifer used to play softball


    Halie Ramirez - Halie runs a twitter account for her dog


    Sierra Daniels - Sierra can play the piano


    Rosa Quinonez - Rosa is a security guard


    Chloe Patterson - Chloe is on the cheer team at CSUSB


    Melyssa Gonzalez - Melyssa has met more than half the players on the LA Kings